Enterprise cribl.cloud license page only shows a 1TB license, despite being provisioned more

When reviewing license usage in an Enterprise cribl.cloud instance, it’s been noticed that the license page only shows 1TB available, even though more has been provisioned to the Org.

You can ignore this for multiple reasons:

  1. we don’t block or throttle when a Stream license is exceeded
  2. this license usage within Stream in Cloud doesn’t mean anything because everyone has the same 1TB license. In Cloud we track via credits using another mechanism independent of Edge, Stream and Search. You should instead look at the overall billing information available when you log into the Cribl Cloud dashboard under the Account menu in the upper right corner. Then click on the Billing tab on the page that loads and you can then click on Metrics to see the GB in vs out.

In a future release we will be hiding the Monitoring->License page in Stream since it’s not relevent for Cloud.