February 2023 Global User Group Meeting

Join us on February 14th, at 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET/ 6:00 PM UTC for our next Cribl User Group meeting. Use this link to join the User Group meeting (no registration required).

This Months Meeting
We will be joined by Matthew as he does a show-and-tell of the joys and craziness of a recent global Windows Event Collector deployment. We will also be joined by our support team to hear more Tech Tips.

Last Month’s Meeting Recap:
Oliver Hoppe talked to us about using Datagen, and an army of goats, to load test your destinations in Cribl. Oliver wanted to solve the issues of difficulty of setting up performance and load tests. Having reproducible setups is key in comparing the different solutions.

We also introduced a new segment called Tech Tips. Kyle walked us through what the different colors mean in fillable fields, advanced mode for regular expressions, choosing the columns in your pipeline page, and where to find the pipeline profiler. He also referenced the blog article from Brendan Dalpe called “High-Performance Javascript in Stream – Why the Function in Your Filter Matters”.

You can find the full video at Using DataGen and an army of goats to loadtest your destinations - Global Cribl UG - 2023-Jan-10 - YouTube.

Have an idea for an upcoming user group topic? Let us know in the user-group-planning Slack channel. Keep tabs on all community events here on our Google Calendar.