Fundamental question on git deployment in distributed setup

I am new to the distributed world, so please bear with me.

I have a distributed setup with 2 worker groups(default & 2ndgroup). I have assigned nodes to each of the above 2 groups.

In the leader ui when I navigate into the “2ndgroup” and make changes to my pipelines and commit and distribute the changes, it gets pushed to my git repo(remote) & the worker nodes.

When I further navigate into the worker nodes and do a live capture of events and make changes to the pipelines, how do I push these changes to the git remote and further when I view it in the leader node under group view reflect the changes that were done at the node level?

May be I am missing something obvious, can somebody shed some light on what I am not getting right in this flow?

Making changes using the teleport feature from the Leader to “jump” into the worker or logging in locally to the instance won’t allow for any local changes to be persisted to Git. You will need to bring those changes to the Leader node and then Commit & Deploy.

A Worker Node’s local running config can be manually overridden/changed, but changes won’t persist on the filesystem. To permanently modify a Worker Node’s config: Save, commit, and deploy it from the Leader. See Deploying Configurations below.

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