How can I send Heroku logs to Cribl?

I am interested in sending Heroku logs to Stream. Has anyone ever done this before?

Hi! You can use Heroku Syslog or HTTPS drains to send logs to Stream.

For Syslog, configure a Syslog source and enter the following at the Heroku CLI.

heroku drains:add syslog+tls://<host>:<port> -a <heroku-app>
heroku drains:add syslog://<host>:<port> -a <heroku-app>

For HTTPS, configure the Stream HTTP source, configure TLS, and enter the following at the Heroku CLI

heroku drains:add https://<host>:<port>/cribl/_bulk -a <heroku-app>

Do note that Logplex does not validate your worker cert during the TLS handshake.

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