Installed v3.4.1 x64 Cribl Suite on Centos7 and after login and registration page get http 500

Hi Guys,
I Installed v3.4.1 x64 Cribl Suite on Centos7 by running the curl command which downloads to the current working directory (eg /opt ) and used putty port forwarding for port 9000.

Cribl starts up OK, it seems. The status shown below:

[root@centos7 bin]# ./cribl status
Mode: single
Status: Up
Software Version: 3.4.1-2d22e4f9
Config Version: N/A
PID: 1904
GUID: fedfdca4-ba22-43d4-bf10-2902fb7ae03a

After login using admin/admin and filling in the registration page , I then get a 500-Internal Server Error. I checked cribl.log but I don’t see anything.
Any ideas?

Hi @mikeylee, does this system have git installed? This is a known issue: 2022-04-26 – v.3.4.1 – HTTP 500 error when git is absent

Installed Git and working now.

Thanks for your prompt support.