More details regarding Forbidden Modal Message

I’m attempting to save a Captured Sample Data, as a user with the Admin Role. However I am getting a generic “Forbidden” modal message. Where could I go to find more information about the API response?

Sample screenshot below

In this case, the Forbidden error message is what we’re getting back as a response. To view more details about the error, go to Menu > More Tools > Dev Tools. Select the Network tab and recreate the issue. From there, we see that we got back a 403 Status on the samples call.

Network > Headers
Within the Headers tab, we get a few more details on where the message is coming from.
Status: 403 Forbidden
Server: CloudFront

Network > Response
Within the Response tab, we see Request Block and Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront).

With this information or any other related errors that we may be getting back, you’re able to then go back to the Network team and have them investigate further. Those messages are usually caused by Network devices inspecting the text within the body of the request and blocking it.

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