New Product Releases - v.4.03 for Edge and Stream, v.1.2.2 for AppScope

We have released v.4.0.3 for Cribl Stream and Edge and v.1.2.2 for AppScope.

Some of the amazing new features:
CRIBL-13680 - HTTP Sources now have a configurable Keep alive timeout parameter
CRIBL-14397 - Webhook Destination now enables users to add dynamic headers
Stream and Edge:
CRIBL-14049 - Windows Event Forwarder Source’s XML queries now support elements

CRIBL-13900 - In the Kubernetes Logs Source, the new General Settings > Enable timestamps toggle provides an option for working with containers whose console output lacks proper timestamps

Support for OCI containers run by the Podman container engine

Check out the release notes to learn about all the new features and fixes.
Steam v.4.0.3 Release Notes:
Edge v.4.0.3 Release Notes:
AppScope v.1.2.2 Release Notes: