Save the date(s) for CriblCon and choose your own adventure!

Just like Cribl products give you choice and control over your data, we too, give you choice and control over how and where you meet up with us IN REAL LIFE!
We hope to see you at one or more of the following CriblCon events:

  1. CriblCon RSA: June 8, 12-4 pm at Local Edition, San Francisco
  2. CriblCon .conf2022: June 13, 4-8 pm at Top Golf MGM, Las Vegas
  3. CriblCon BlackHat/ DEFCON: August 11, House of Blues, Las Vegas
  4. CriblCon AWS re:Invent, Nov 28, Rock House at The Venetian
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Hey @erin_cribl - I think @pie said there’s going to be a second event during Splunk .conf, on Tuesday… is that happening, and if yes, where and when and how? :smiley:

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sounds like there was a heck of a 2nd night :wink: