Welcome to Cribl Curious! A few things to know

Thanks for joining us at Cribl Curious! We’re so happy you’re here!
We’re just getting started, so there are a few bugs we’re still wrestling with.

  1. The leaderboard isn’t updating and sorting as expected…but we ARE collecting the data in the background and adding up your Cribloons! So get out there and ask and answer questions, and the leaderboard reflecting your accomplishments will emerge shortly!
  2. When you edit a post, it sometimes asks for you to add a product and version number tag…again. Please go ahead and tag it again (same version is fine) and hit save or click the checkmark. We’re working on it.
  3. When you spot a bug, please post to #curious-chat and we’ll get it queued for a fix.

Thanks for being an early adopter in the community!

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aaand if an announcement post doesn’t have a reply with a solution, it keeps showing up in the unsolved posts…so i’m making one now :slight_smile: