What is the proper way to access a REST Collector 'Response Body Attribute' that was nested but is now a string in the format 'level1.level2'?

How do I access a ‘Response Body Attribute’ in a Collector job that was/is nested and gets put into the collectible as __collectible[‘level1.level2’]?

The ‘id’ field in the examples on docs is in the __collectible[‘id’] field and is accessed in the parameters as ${id} but ${level1.level2} tries to access a nested object that does not exist. Is there a special variable similar to __e that can be used like __e[‘level1.level2’]?

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I have figured this out after digging around in the community Slack a bit more.

For nested fields you reference them by the field name only. So something like meta.links.next_page would just be next_page. Then you can use it in your collect parameters like ${next_page} or in your fields settings as __collectible.next_page

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