Why is Auto Timestamp failing to extract a timestamp?

The log looks like this:

2022/04/26 12:00:00 INFO foo bar stuff here

Other time formats also fail. Why?

The Auto Timestamp function tries to automatically figure out the time format. Part of that could be a timezone, which is often something like UTC, EDT or PST. All uppercase letters! So the INFO term immediately following the timestamp is mistakenly seen as a timezone, but then fails to parse because it isn’t.

The work arounds:

  • Remove or modify the log level
  • Use the “Additional timestamps” area to explicitly declare your format
  • Modify the existing timestamp to include an explicit timezone
  • My preferred: Extract the text timestamp into a new field without the term following it, then run Auto Timestamp on that field as below:

Regex Extract: ^(?<__mytime>[0-9\/]+\s[0-9:]+)
Auto Timestamp: Source Field __mytime

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